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RV Solar Panel Kit



Mitsubishi Complete 110 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit

Mitsubishi - Complete 110 Watt  RV Solar Panel System

110 Watt RV Solar Kit: The RVMaxx 110 Watt RV Solar Kit is designed to provide power to your RV.
Whether you use TV's, radios, lights, fans, or other comforts of home while you are on the road, in the
woods, or just camping in the backyard, the RVMaxx...


110 Watt RV Solar Kit: This 110 watt solar kit for RV's is made with a 110 Watt solar panel and it includes all mounting, wiring and controllers necessary for a smooth, quick installation. This kit is perfect for individuals, couples and small families who use the comforts of home when they are out in their RV. It is easy to install, easy to use and priced to be affordable.


The 110 Watt is a large RV solar kit for people with a lot of electrical devices and gadgets to power while they are on the road.



  • Designed by Silicon Solar Inc.
  • 110 Watt solar array
  • Easy to install


  • 1 Solar Module: 110 Watt
  • Solar Panel Dimensions: 56.1 in x 25.4 in x 2.2 in
  • Flat Mount Hardware (1 Adjustable Mount Add $90)
  • 8 amp charge controller
  • 30 feet of 10-2 output wire (10 ft for controller to battery and 20 ft for panel to controller. Battery clamps and connection lugs not included)
  • DC Disconnect with Breakers

List Price: $1150.00
SAVE 17%- Our Price: $849.99  -   Plus Actual Shipping Charges  -   Weight  50lbs
(1) Adjustable Mount: Add $90.00
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110 Watt RV Solar Panel Kit
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